Mysterious Hand Print

The Reality of One

For the second time, I looked to my mirror to see another hand print upon the glass. This happened awhile back. I would say about 2 months prior to my awakening. It was about the same time when I started hearing my name being called in the middle of the night. However, this time I could see something foggy in my peripheral vision. When I looked to check it out, I noticed the hand print in the mirror. To make sure it wasn’t from someone of my family playing a joke on me, I went and placed my hand upon the glass. I wanted to see if it would match the print of what was already there. It didn’t match. My hand print was lighter and lacked the detail that of the one filled with much detail. How do they do this? How are they able to leave behind, not…

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Not My Bathroom…

So I’m sure your reading the title and thinking hmm what is this crazy girl going to talk about today? Well I am literally going to talk about bathrooms that are not mine..

You know that feeling of stepping into someone else’s bathroom for example the deco the smell the colors the way things are generally kept. Well I no for a fact I am that person I will look at everything touch everything try everything apply the hand cream to my hands and spray the air fresh thingy just to smell what it smells like….the worst habit I have is opening other people’s bathroom cabinets !! Oh dear lord the things I’ve seen quite hilarious I should say. Its interesting sometimes the things you find I no its wrong bla bla but we all do it !! Or at least if your sitting on the toilet and your in reach to open the cabinet you will ….just open it and look untill your done doing your business. I remember once I was at a mates house and I really really needed to pee I don’t no why I was holding it in for so long but eventually I just went… it was the creepiest toilet ever the wall paper was just eye balls and ontop of the flush was a porcelain doll.
WAT THE HELL! It was the scariest thing ever I don’t even think I ended up peeing.

A Bathroom Halloween?

Hey beautiful world…

 Yeh I am aware that Halloween was a few days ago so for this post I do apologies for the major delay for the hair on the back of your neck that’s about to stand up and  give you that very creepy tingly feeling down your SPINE!!!!! ————————

About an hour ago I switched on my bathroom light shut the door behind me undressed my self and looked in the mirror shrugged my shoulders and said:

yup ok have to wash my hair!

As I reach to let my hair down I slowly reach in the shower to get the water warm enough. I then step in and shut the big glass shower door behind me..As I put my naked body under the hot water the light’s flickered once I ignored it….. then it happened again and again then it finally stopped. What a relief  I was about to just turn the light’s off. Now the thing that happens to me often might sound freaky to you or might sound lame and unreal just remember I’m just trying to put my crazy bizarre mind in words. Okay okay so back to what happens next as I reach for my face wash I feel this 3 second ice cold light breeze and I pause for a min for some clearly stupid reason. But then as I start to apply the face wash  to my FACE  I eventually have to close my eyes and that’s when it all starts!!! So my eyes are shut tight and all of a sudden I feel almost like another body is next to me you know that warm feeling you get when someone is almost touching you ? Yup same feeling  just all around me so my eyes are still shut at this point but I always freak out right about here so I open my eyes to peep but I’ve done it again “burning bloody eye balls” why do I keep on falling for this! It gets worse I did a reading not to long ago … you know the one with spirits and people who’ve crossed over trying to connect with you. Well yeh in that the lady told me I have someone with me at all times 24 hour’s a day since the day I was born. I obviously was flipping out but im not sure if my  mind was playing with me or not. can this be real?.

So anyway the few times before this I was once again washing my face but it felt like I was being watched and that day I will never forget I didn’t turn on the bathroom fan or open the windows so it was a very  steamed up bathroom. So I turned the water off  stepped out  of the crazy steamy shower grabbed my towel and as I look up the only thing I could see in my mirror was a huge hand print and I turned around and the same hand print fogged up on the shower glass …I was flipping out I mean whats with scary movies and bathrooms anyway? The moment you open your sink cabinet and close it BOOM something or someone right there to scare you. Or the good old behind the shower curtain….you know …. when someone is found in a pool of blood or when the music gets so intense and BOOM  sadly nothing behind the  curtains!! Well my  case is real and it only happens when I wash my hair or my face well.. basically when my eyes are shut in the shower. But my all time favorite is when I was washing my hair and my eyes shut tight I Hurd a quick whisper in my left ear saying sshh….and a soft giggle then as I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair I always for some reason move my hair to the right side and start to rinse of course with my eyes shut tight. Then after 2 minutes I Hurd that sshh thing in my left ear and I think I screamed a little opened my eyes and noticed my hair was all moved to the left side of me and I had no idea when or how. I turned the tap off and then as the mist settled I got a tiny glimpse of the same hand print on a tile in the shower ……….

That 1 time in the bathroom

Hey beautiful world ….so its my first time blogging and I have absolutely no idea why I’m blogging about “that 1 time in the bathroom”….. I no your probably thinking what in the f*** is this girl smoking? Well to be honest when I was in the bathroom that 1 time my mind started to wonder and my imagination just kind of took over.

So enough with the boring introduction let me try my best to put my crazy insane mind into words……. here we go! So have you ever sat on the toilet and just thought about the craziest things? I definitely know I have I mean bathroom/toilet is something people look forward to for example some people like to just get away from noise and family to just go sit in the toilet and read or in the old days men & women just went to light up cigarette and of course now days in fact im pretty sure every single day girls just take a break to take a “bathroom selfie” I mean lets face it we have all taken a bathroom selfie.
And for some reason the bathroom selfies are the best ones that are taken in other people’s bathrooms. Speaking of other people’s bathrooms do you remember that time when you were in someone’s house for a party or family function and all of a sudden you relies you just can’t hold it in any longer and you rush to find the closest bathroom and once you do it’s like entering a new world….(dramatic music) From that very moment when you flick on the light switch and catch a glimpse of your face in the mirror and finally as soon as you pull down those incredibly uncomfortable tight panties under that tight dress you’ve been wondering about in all night finally sit and breath out heavy saying ‘thank bloody god’ all of a sudden you notice the lights so bright and warm then you look down at the floor for a split second to check out the tiling and how big the shower head is then that moment when you pull the toilet paper you notice how soft it is and how big and bright the bathroom is then you walk towards the sink and analyze everything!! You want to check out everything from what the soap smells like to how soft the towels are and not to forget a quick bathroom selfie #bathroomgir1 there’s so many different examples & thoughts I would like to share but I guess to be continued………feeling awkward yet lol??